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At M-Brain, we are passionate about intelligence, monitoring, technology and consulting. Our blog offers you insights around those topics, and every now and then we like to spice things up with something new and unexpected. We invite you to stay tuned and join the conversation.

M-Brain - the importance of relevant information

John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood has received quite a bit of attention. The book was included in Bill Gates' list of '5 books I loved in 2018'. The book also won the Financial Times / McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award in 2018. The book is to be turned into a movie, with Jennifer Lawrence as the founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes.
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Back To School - M-Brain

I started teaching a course on Competitive Intelligence in Metropolia Business School this fall semester. And man, what an experience it has been.
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EPP Congress - M-Brain

Finland’s year of super summits just continues. The sunshine and warmth of July, when Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump met for a summit in Helsinki, has changed to the drizzle and grey skies of November for the EPP* Congress. One could dryly state that the weather reflects perfectly the nature of the EPP Congress; a grey non-descript meeting like any other, in interest equal to that of watching wallpaper dry.
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