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EU-vaalit narinkkatorilla - M-Brain

The European elections will take place 23-26 May. Over 700 Members from all corners of Europe will be elected to the European Parliament for a five-year period with the mandate starting on 1 July.
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Trust Your Expert

Trust your expert M-Brain

I have been going to the gym for years, first on my own, but for the last few years I have paid for the services of a personal trainer. I would say that the relationship you have with your personal trainer can be used as an example for any customer - expert relationship.
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Market size and forecasting are the cornerstones of market intelligence. They usually aim to answer the questions of how big a given market is and how fast it is growing. Their purpose is to delineate a path of growth for a company and to help support the decision on which markets to enter to find and sustain growth.
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