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M-Brain Social Media Framework – make the current work for you

Social media is like a river: there’s a strong current, and when you jump in you’ll immediately feel its pull. The river’s flow can be demanding and powerful, sometimes even intimidating. Yet, if you accept that it is a power you cannot control, you may also find it exciting, exhilarating – and valuable.
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Joakim Nyberg

APAC CIO Outlook Magazine places M-Brain in the 25 most promising business intelligence solution providers of 2017
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Relevancy and reliability are best detected by the human brain

The rise of false news reports especially on social media has been identified as a major threat in a recently published Finnish security report(1). The Ministry of the Interior is concerned with the impact of such news on widening divisions between population groups and its effect on society. Distorted perceptions can change not only the sense of security, but also behaviors.
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