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Another perspective M-Brain

Summer is the time of back-up arrangements. We need to fill in for colleagues who are off on vacation and solve problems we have not faced before. In most cases, what one needs to pull through the back-up season are good instructions and ability to improvise. Surprisingly enough, summer can be a time of learning and discovering your true capabilities.
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Finnish summer M-Brain

They came, they saw, and they left. A week has passed and dust has settled since Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin visited Helsinki on Monday 16 July for a bilateral Summit. Nobody knows what the two leaders spoke about, statements made in the press conference have been rebuked and there is confusion over the negotiation notes, so the actual outcome of the summit is unclear. However, from an ordinary citizens’ point of view the summit was a success.
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As part of its ongoing Market Intelligence Benchmarking Circle offering, M-Brain recently facilitated an event with the senior market and competitive intelligence leadership of 12 Fortune 500 corporations. While many of these executives strongly support scenario planning as the most strategic and forward-looking instrument in the intelligence toolbox (see below), a surprising majority also expressed misgivings with the traditional approach to applying this methodology.
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