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Supportive social media culture - M-Brain

The flow of social media is powered by its users, a force that cannot really be stopped or controlled. This is the current that organizations try to harness, a forceful tide that they can, to some extent, learn to ride and utilise for their own benefit.
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Scenario work M-Brain

Today’s mentality is to have and do things now-insta-real-time-asap and !!! In fact, it has gone so far that in many companies you need to strongly argue on behalf of putting more effort into thinking and planning for the future. At the same time, everybody would love to have that omniscient crystal ball. Doing predictive analysis, being one step ahead of your competitors, sensing your customers’ unarticulated and potential needs, understanding trends – all businesses want to excel in these areas. Still, only few organizations do future or scenario thinking in a systematic way.
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Another perspective M-Brain

Summer is the time of back-up arrangements. We need to fill in for colleagues who are off on vacation and solve problems we have not faced before. In most cases, what one needs to pull through the back-up season are good instructions and ability to improvise. Surprisingly enough, summer can be a time of learning and discovering your true capabilities.
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