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M-Brain - Muoviin liittyvän uutisoinnin seuranta

The EU’s “straw ban”, meaning the directive restricting the amount of plastic waste, is a hot topic which M-Brain’s experts have followed closely. It is connected to the worry about plastic waste in the world’s oceans. According to some estimates, the oceans have over 5 trillion pieces of plastic. Around 5-13 million tonnes of plastic is estimated to end up in the oceans yearly. 85 per cent of the trash washed up on EU’s shores is plastic waste.
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M-brain passion

When I started as account manager at M-Brain about a year ago, I didn’t have a very clear picture of what my daily work would be. As it turns out, my work with clients is a lot more multi-faceted and complicated but also much more interesting than what I had imagined. In this short blog post I give a sneak peek into my key takeaways from the past year.
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Rise of digi M-Brain

Relevant and accurate market intelligence is the basis of data-driven, evidence-based, informed decision making – Informed Leadership, as we put it at M-Brain. In the Digital Era, market intelligence is more crucial than ever for any company to succeed. You need it to move faster and in a direction that sets you apart from other players, and to find growth opportunities through market creation, instead of playing a zero-sum disruption game.
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