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Is your social media strategy working? Measure it!

The basic starting point for measuring your earned social media presence and social media strategy is as simple as the basic starting point for measurement of editorial media: everything should start from your organization’s current objectives. From these, communications team should come up with its social media goals and relevant metrics to track the success of the goals. These social media goals should support the wider objectives of the organization.
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Big data is a game-changer, if you know how to use it

Big Data has been a hot topic for several years now. The term was actually coined by META Group already in 2001. Since then Big Data has become almost a sort of a philosopher’s stone "“ something that can turn anything into gold. This, naturally, isn’t the case. Still I bet there are managers and directors out there saying: "Let’s do it. Let’s do Big Data."
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July 18, 2013. Some global companies in the energy, resources and environment industries will each spend as much as US$1 million on market intelligence* in 2013. While this may appear substantial, they are however, not the biggest spenders. By comparison, some manufacturing and industrial companies may commit as much as US$130 million to market intelligence in a single year.
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