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At M-Brain, we are passionate about intelligence, monitoring, technology and consulting. Our blog offers you insights around those topics, and every now and then we like to spice things up with something new and unexpected. We invite you to stay tuned and join the conversation.

Media intelligence in turmoil

The world is changing around us even faster than we had anticipated. New technologies emerge, new ways of grasping and making sense of the huge amount of information offered by the digital world. Who will be the winners at the end of this race?
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Native advertising

Native advertising has become one of the new buzzwords in the media and advertising circles in less than two years. This year the talks are switching into actions by many. On one hand native advertising brings some light to publishers who are struggling with declining revenue streams, on the other hand it raises the audience’s concerns about journalistic credibility as it blurs the lines between editorial and advertising content.
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international FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress in Dubai

In mid-March, M-Brain participated to the international FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress in Dubai. The program at the congress consisted of presentations, panel discussions and show-cases in different fields of media intelligence and media monitoring, and on how technology will affect the future of the industry. The prevailing themes in most of the presentations were integration, consolidation and automatization. How can high-cost manual work be enhanced "“ if not partly replaced "“ by tools and automatization?
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