M-Brain Strategic Analysis Projects: Giving you the strategic and tactical answers you need to make Informed Decisions

M-Brain Strategic Analysis Projects

We are moving past a world where a long, drawn-out project engagement is relevant; by the time such a project is delivered there are usually innovations and disruptions that can negate the findings. It may look good, and it may be comprehensive, but the information just isn’t coming fast enough to be relevant, nor with the required level of impact.


Business leaders need answers now to help them shape their decision making. Further, they want projects that address their needs (both stated and unstated) and provide actionable recommendations.


Consider a recent win / loss project M-Brain completed for a large Fortune 500 tech company. Our client needed to understand why they were losing against their competition and what they could do to better serve their clients. M-Brain interviewed companies that represented won or lost business to the client and during the course of the project uncovered a number of changes that could be made to their product, their marketing and their sales function in order to improve client acquisition and retention. Further, during the course of the project M-Brain identified 3 potential customers with which our client was able to close business immediately.


Consider another recently completed project, in this case a patent analysis project for a manufacturing firm. M-Brain was tasked with identifying recent patents filed by their competitors – an early warning of competitor activities. In the course of this project M-Brain identified many potential competitor patents providing a window into competitor activities. Further, we identified a patent filed by our client’s partner that was supposed to be a co-development project between our client and their partner. Our client was made aware of their partner’s patent filing and they were able to take legal action.


In both of these projects, M-Brain’s results surprised our clients. We gave them the information they needed to make strategic decisions, but also obtained extraordinary results giving them immediate tactical direction by identifying potential customers in the first case and a patent filing by a partner that led to legal action.


M-Brain’s Strategic Analysis project managers work with you to understand the information you need to make impactful decisions. We will partner with you to craft a project that fits your timeline, budget and gives you the strategic and tactical information you need to increase your revenue and improve your bottom line.


Contact M-Brain when you want to make informed decisions in a timeframe that will keep you ahead of your competition.


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