Millions of Euros Saved by Logistics Company

With M-Brain analysis, a European logistics company was able to better forecast and optimize their fuel surcharges with the expert-led market intelligence provided.

About the Client

This Client is a logistics business that facilitates information and material flow management within businesses across Europe. It offers postal, financial administration process and logistics services.


With recent uncertainties in fuel prices, the logistics company was keen to keep costs to a minimum in the face of fluctuations in fuel surcharges. When surcharges are set for a certain time period, it is possible to lose or make substantial amounts of money with fuel price changes.

Why they chose M-Brain

The logistics company turned to M-Brain’s energy experts to accurately identify foreseeable market conditions that would affect the energy markets, that would in turn, influence oil prices and any fuel tax changes.


M-Brain assisted with a quick market intelligence report based on desk research over a period of five days that identified various possible market conditions. M-Brain also hosted a scenario analysis workshop to help the logistics Client to identify how their management could respond to various scenarios.


As a result of the desk research and workshop, the Client was able to identify key energy market signals and save several millions of Euros over a span of months.


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