Analyzed the outdoor sports market in the Netherlands and Belgium

Key benefits: Client gained objective insight to existing and new market segments, and some interesting facts about market attractiveness, the Dutch market showing highest spend per capita on sports goods in Europe. Received practical recommendations for business expansion in this growth market.


A leading sports retailer in the Netherlands wanted to increase its knowledge about the outdoor clothing and equipment market in two European countries. The customer was lacking insight on the market and industry size and specifically needed intelligence on the number of people taking part in outdoor activities, including a breakdown by walking, camping and climbing. Additionally, the customer needed clothing and equipment sales figures for these three activities. Finally, the customer wanted insight on their key competitors and market shares.

Application: Strategic Planning

Geography: The Netherlands, Belgium


Secondary information sources were utilized and interviews conducted, with selected industry experts.

Methods: 90% secondary and 10% primary research.


The customer was provided with a strategic analysis report, including market and industry size, distribution channels, competitive situation, general trends, and practical recommendations on how to go forward.


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