Assessment of Ammonium Bi-fluoride and Hydrofluoric Acid market in Russia and CIS

Key benefits: Ability to make an informed decision on whether to organize the production of two chemical by-products or to invest in in-house utilization facilities


One of world’s biggest nuclear centers wanted to understand the market for two by-products of its production processes, namely ammonium bi-fluoride and hydrofluoric acid in Russia and CIS. In case the market for the products was too small, they would have to invest in utilization facilities for them.

Application: Strategic Planning

Geography: Russia and CIS


Secondary research was conducted both on the Russian and CIS level and on global level. Global market analysis was used to forecast future market development. Due to the niche nature of the market and the high in-house consumption of the by-products, the main focus was on primary research.

Methods: 50 in-depth interviews with potential customers, competitors and industry experts complemented with secondary research, and analysis.


Estimation of market size without the in-house consumption; analysis of segments; import analysis; value chain analysis; analysis of substitute technologies and products in each industrial segment; market development forecast; pricing analysis; evaluation of market potential in Russia and CIS.


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