Feasibility study for energy investment company to enter Russian market

Key benefits: Ability to make an informed decision on investing in a new plant based on understanding the market potential in the region. Ability to choose the most efficient region for a plant based on information on demand distribution, raw materials sources and planned competitors projects


One of the leading Russian investment companies in energy sector was considering entering the market of alternative fuel types. They wanted to understand the potential of the Russian market of peat briquettes and pellets in order to estimate the feasibility of building a new production plant in the country.

Application: Strategic Planning

Geography: Russia


As the product was relatively new for the Russian market, expert interviews were done prior to desk research. Desk research formed the basis for the analysis of the competitive situation and the identification of new production projects in the country. In-depth interviews with industry experts, potential end-customers, competitors, and public authorities were utilized to fill in the gaps.

Methods: Secondary and primary research (50 in-depth interviews), as well as comprehensive analysis


Provided an analysis on demand driving factors, a modeling of demand and supply balance, and an estimation and forecast of market volume by region. In addition, an estimation of the economical effectiveness of product use compared to other fuel types and of technical ability of customers to switch to this product was delivered. Finally, raw materials sources were analyzed.


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