Intelligence Plaza® – Competitive Intelligence Tool

M-Brain Intelligence Plaza® – Competitive Intelligence Tool

Engage your colleagues with Intelligence Plaza®

Intelligence Plaza® is a complete competitive and market intelligence platform, where external and internal information can meet. It is also a meeting place for colleagues to share and collaborate on market intelligence. The software comes with great collaborative features to promote MI community building.

Information into insight

Engage your intelligence network and effectively automate your intelligence process with the Intelligence Plaza®, which functions as a one-stop database and multi-channel delivery system of business critical intelligence. Turn information into implementable insight and boost executive decision-making efficiency with our solid collaboration and alert features. According to the 2013 Global Market Intelligence Survey, efficiency was improved by 25% when comparing companies who are using world class market intelligence tools vs. other companies.

Select a hosted or turnkey solution

Intelligence Plaza® is preferred by over 50,000 corporate decision-makers around the world. You can select our hosted Intelligence Plaza® turnkey solution, or deploy the Intelligence Plaza® into your existing SharePoint environment.


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