Media Analysis

Media analysis helps you in measuring the objectives set for your organization or for a particular marketing or communications campaign

You will be able to show understandable results of the impact of your actions. Results of the media analyses also guide you in planning ahead and improving your future activities. Media analysis provides objective knowledge, an outsider’s view on your publicity and performance.

Scheduled and tailor-made media analysis solutions

media-analysis-squareMedia analyses are always tailored according to your needs in terms of metrics, monitored media and the analysis period. Strong market-tested analysis methodology enables benchmarking across companies and countries, while skilled manpower with experience and expertise adds genuine benefits of the human touch. Media analysis is always based on your media monitoring or social media monitoring results.

Media analysis may focus on your organization’s public perception or on a particular theme of interest. Both editorial and social media can be included in the analysis, which consists of tables of performance indicators, graphs, a written summary and conclusions, as well as presentation of key findings. Analyses can be ongoing or they can be conducted on an ad-hoc basis.

Metrics typically presented in the analyses include:

  • volume and sentiment of publicity
  • attention score and audience metrics
  • themes, opinion leaders and influencers
  • impact of PR activities
  • spread of key messages
  • share of voice comparison
  • top media

Turn the results of media analysis into action

Once the key findings in the media analyses have been found, we help you in turning the results into concrete action. M-Brain works together with you to identify potential for improvement: issues which require a low PR effort from you, but have the biggest positive impact. We draft a roadmap to turn plans into action and make sure progress is evaluated systematically.

If you want to take your social media work to the next level, see our social media framework.


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