Tailored insights on the global impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic raging throughout the globe is already showing its negative effects on the economy, forcing many businesses in various industries to resort to extraordinary measures in order to keep the business afloat while others are already severely negatively impacted. We at M-Brain are closely monitoring and analysing the global information flow on the topic and are equipped to provide tailor made information solutions independent of industry or focus area.

Our Industry Insights service offers essential and tailored information on the impact of COVID-19. You can choose to focus on the effects of the pandemic based on one or several of these specific topics:

  • Travelling
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Financial Arrangements
  • Engineering and Machinery Industry
  • Retail

The service can also be tailored to your own specific industry to meet your exact information needs. The service is available as a newsletter delivered once or twice a day, or as an hourly updating RSS feed.

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Cover multiple sectors or one industry


The travel industry is the first to feel the impacts of the coronavirus. Hotel chains and travel agents have already given notices of termination to their employees, while travel refund practices are being discussed. What are the everyday implications across countries, as borders are closed and companies impose travel restrictions?


Coronavirus vaccines are being developed and clinical trials planned. Several companies are launching virus testing kits. The discussion is extensive and global in scale. Following the daily news enables staying up-to-date on what is happening across different regions.


In the US, the Federal Reserve has announced multiple measures to tackle the financial crisis, while in Finland the Bank of Finland aims to alleviate payment and cash flow problems, as well as secure access to funding particularly for small and medium sized companies. What other financial arrangements will we see and what is their impact on businesses?


Impacts in the manufacturing sector due to the coronavirus are expected in, for instance, automotive supply companies due to disrupted production chains. Aerospace industry, shipbuilding and machinery industry are some of the other key sectors experiencing uncertainty. What other developments will we see in the coming months?


In the Netherlands, retailers are concerned that all nonfood stores may need to be closed before the end of 2020, resulting in bankruptcies and a cost of some EUR 4bn from a closure of one month. Clothing and textile industry faces supply issues because of the shortage of raw materials from China. And what will be the impacts of the coronavirus to e-commerce?

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The Industry Insights service is based on our analysts selecting and summarizing the most important and relevant news according to your criteria. The service provides concise and consumable information about changes in your industry, competitors, and customers. Industry Insights covers global publications, regional and national media as well as local media sources.

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M-Brain Industry Insights service can be tailored to suit to the needs of your organisation. Contact us to get relevant information that supports your decision-making.

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