M-Brain’s Industry Insights provides detailed and relevant information on what is happening across diverse markets and industries

The service provides concise and consumable information about changes in your industry along with insights on competitors and customers. Industry Insights covers global publications, regional and national media as well as local media sources. It covers over 150 000 sources globally including over 100 original source languages. The content of our news service is always tailored to suit the needs and information criteria of your organisation.

Let us select and summarize the most relevant news for you so that you can gain fast and easy access to structured external information that saves you time and supports you in strategic decision-making.

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Key benefits of M-Brain’s Industry Insights service

Helps in decision-making

You will receive only relevant and reliable content and ​the same news piece only once​​ to support informed decision-making and strategic decisions

Saves valuable time

By letting our information analysts process the source data on your behalf you can concentrate on what matters the most – reduce information overload and streamline your focus on priority intelligence

Gives you a competitive edge

​Develop a keener sense of evolving industry movements and the first indicators of change – stay up to date and get ahead of the competition

Newsletter and portal solution easy access to insights

The Industry Insights service consists of a daily email newsletter and access to the Insights Portal. The service seamlessly combines robust technology with the expertise of our experienced information analysts and detailed classification system

Based on your criteria of interests we can classify news according to content, significance and ​viewpoint. This results in specific and relevant news pieces for your benefit. Thanks to the hourly updating portal solution, you are now able to find the rich industry news content of newsletters and historical data in one, easy-to-use location.

The service is also available as an RSS feed or we can deliver the daily news to your organizations Intelligence Plaza platform. The Industry Insights service can be accessed via all user interfaces: mobile, web and tablet.

Key features of the Industry Insights service

    • Classified summaries of news articles
    • Tailored to meet the different information needs of various user groups
    • Possibility to follow one or more industries, competitors, themes or regions
    • Dynamic portal with advanced search features and historical data, scales to mobile
    • Extensive source base: national, regional and local

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M-Brain’s Industry Insights series

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