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8 Successful Strategies for China’s $133bil Ecommerce Market

August 27, 2014. China’s ecommerce shoppers love buying things online, particularly through marketplaces, browsing price comparison websites, social networks and product reviews before making their purchases "“ and they spend…


Lessons from Walmart’s 18 Years in China

May 20, 2014. After nearly 20 years of operations in China, western retailers are still reconfiguring their strategies in the world’s most populous country. Walmart and other international retailers have…


“Post-China” Diversification and Reshoring to Continue

September 11, 2012. Rising labor costs in China, intense competition and a growing trend towards product customization are all pushing electronics manufacturing lead times shorter and shorter "“ and changing…


China’s PE Industry Grows More Challenging for Foreign Players

August 14, 2012. As Beijing seeks to build on its economic strength, it has been gradually easing the way for Chinese firms to invest both at home and overseas. Last…


Implication of China’s Food Safety Plan for Food and Logistics Industry Players

August 6, 2012. In June 2012, the Chinese government published its Food Safety Plan for the next five years, with the intention of "˜cleaning up’ inefficiencies and aligning national with…


90% of Global Companies Say Their Emerging Markets Strategy Could Have Been Better

June 25, 2012. Half of the 430 global companies recently surveyed by M-Brain (formerly GIA) say at least 30% of their global revenues will come from Emerging Markets by 2017.…


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