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Japanese Companies As Investment Partners

July 5, 2013. Japan’s New Growth Strategy, laid out by the Abe government, consists of 21 national strategic projects in seven potential growth areas. It sets a target of 3%…


Asia Pacific is Weathering Global Cold Winds Well

May 3, 2013. While the Asia Pacific region is expected to weather the global economic cold winds better than Europe or North America, the 2013-14 business outlook varies for different…


Indonesia, South Africa & Vietnam Are Top Emerging Markets for 2012-2017 after BRIC

August 29, 2012. According to the Business Perspectives on Emerging Markets 2012-2017 Report by M-Brain (formerly Global Intelligence Alliance) , Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) will retain their leading…


Geothermal Energy in Indonesia Heating Up

June 28, 2012. As an emerging economy and the world's fourth most populous country, Indonesia's need for energy is tremendous. Based on the 2010 Energy Outlook report released by Indonesia's…


Perfecting the Scope of Your Market Intelligence Activity

December 8, 2010. How to eat an elephant? Absurd as it may sound, Market Intelligence executives setting up intelligence programs frequently face this dilemma when defining the scope of their…


Overcoming the Challenges in Market Intelligence for India

October 25, 2010. India presents lucrative business opportunities, but both foreign and domestic enterprises face formidable challenges in conducting business there. Dealing with construction permits requires around 195 days and…


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