Perfecting the Scope of Your Market Intelligence Activity

December 8, 2010. How to eat an elephant? Absurd as it may sound, Market Intelligence executives setting up intelligence programs frequently face this dilemma when defining the scope of their future activities. The M-Brain (formerly GIA) White Paper release webinar on Intelligence Scope, one of the six Key Success Factors of a world class intelligence program as defined by M-Brain (formerly GIA), tackles these issues and more.

We ask Hans Hedin, VP Business Development and one of the developers of the M-Brain (formerly GIA) World Class Market Intelligence Framework, about the upcoming White Paper and Webinar.

Hans, “Intelligence Scope” sounds a little ambiguous. What exactly does it refer to?

“Setting the Intelligence Scope very simply put is about defining Who will be served with What information in the company – and organizing the resources accordingly. The scoping exercise will determine the user groups, breadth, depth, and future orientation of the intelligence program, and it serves as the first step in establishing a corporate intelligence program.”

Getting the scope right sounds like it requires massive efforts!

“True, it does not happen overnight, and in a world class intelligence program, the scope of the intelligence efforts features both an extensive information architecture and a comprehensive set of analytical intelligence output on top of the regular market signals monitoring. In addition, the intelligence program looks in to the future rather than only analyzing facts of the past. Plus of course the existing intelligence program is being leveraged for the benefit of as many organizational functions as is meaningful, which further adds to both the breadth and depth of the activity.”

So how can a lone MI Director get started, with limited budget and human resources?

“Well, perfecting the intelligence Scope is like eating an elephant; You do it bit by bit, don’t you? In other words, my advice is, start small and enhance the scope as you go, depending on the resources and prioritization. Covering anything and everything is by no means the point, but rather finding the most immediate target groups is, along with discovering the topics of their interest and producing the intelligence deliverables that cater to this interest.”


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