Optoelectronics Displays No Sign Of Weakness

April 23, 2009. The global optoelectronics market, valued at around US$270 billion in 2005, is expected to be worth US$1 trillion by 2015. Asia, which acts as the world's manufacturing base for optoelectronics displays, storage, communications devices and components, accounts for more than 50% of the market, and will approach US$600 billion by 2015.

Optoelectronics – which includes any electronics that make, control and apply light, including materials, parts, instruments and systems – has been credited as the main driving force in the revival of the electronics industry in recent years.

Telecommunication Technology and Media_Optoelectronics displays no sign of weakness in Asia

While emerging optoelectronics countries like China are trying to move beyond the production of optical components to encompass the full spectrum of R&D and manufacturing abilities for cutting-edge optical products, more advanced countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan are starting to transfer product technology to other parts of Asia to take advantage of lower labour costs.

However, the latest, cutting-edge technologies seldom leave home shores until work on the next generation technology is well advanced.

It is estimated that by 2010 22% of the global optoelectronics market value will come from new product technology. This will increase to 37% by 2015, with the fastest growth coming from displays, info-communication and optical memory sectors. By then, futuristic products like flexible screens and energy-saving surface conduction electron-emitter displays (SEDs) will be commonplace.

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