Technology, Media & Telecommunications Insights into AV Equipment Usage for Education within China

March 7, 2011. The Asia Pacific today represents 25% of the global pro-audio visual (AV) industry, driven mostly by growth in China and other emerging markets from South East Asia. With strong funding being injected by governments around Asia Pacific, the Education and Government sectors are expected to out-perform other segments. How are some AV products being used within the education sector in, one of the world’s largest emerging markets, China?

In 2009, displays and projectors combined to represent 37% of overall global product demand, dropping from 47% in 2007. The good news is governments across the world are encouraging schools to purchase pro-AV equipment by using various incentive programs. Within the education sector, the most commonly used pro-AV products are projectors that are used for teaching within classrooms.

Pro AV market by products 2009 web

Pro AV market by customer segments web

Source: InfoComm International 2010

In China for instance, projectors have been in use in schools in most Tier-1 cities for about three to six years now. In a joint study with Futuresource Consulting, M-Brain (formerly Global Intelligence Alliance) conducted an end-user survey at six public schools in Shanghai in mid 2010.

Primary Schools
Hrs % of school day
Off 5.3 76%
On 1.5 24%
Secondary Schools
Hrs % of school day
Off 6.7 85%
On 1.0 15%
Average Overall Schools
Hrs % of school day
Off 6.0 81%
On 1.3 19%

Many teachers indicated that the biggest advantage of a projector is that it attracts the students’ attention. The projector is seen as making it easier for students to understand with clear and vivid images and for teachers to increase their efficiency in teaching.

Yet in spite of these positive comments, some teachers are still negatively inclined towards their use. Several worry about the negative impact of projector usage on cognitive skills (memorization of projected content).

Other teachers worry that the students don’t practice their writing skills, structure information and solve problems, because they don’t see the teacher showing such abilities in person. They believe that the blackboard is instrumental to conveying such skills, whereas a projector simply displays things on screen.

This implies an opportunity to further stimulate the use of projectors by Chinese teachers, by demonstrating how to address these concerns. In a 2010 Infocomm International study, services and after-sales support are cited to be critical to the success of Pro-AV products manufacturers and system integrators. The same seems to be true in China’s education market.

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