Market Intelligence To Increasingly Utilize Business Intelligence up to 2016

May 30, 2013. A M-Brain (formerly GIA) poll amongst 44 market intelligence professionals based in Europe in May 2013 confirmed that the Internet and big data will significantly impact market intelligence by 2016. Many see market intelligence merging more and more with business intelligence, and impacting business functions such as strategy planning, market research and marketing.

M-Brain (formerly GIA) predicts a growing interest in Netnographics, non-permission based data collection, web mining, the internet of things, intelligence tools that identify visitors to competitor websites etc..

It is also interesting to note that the view regarding the impact of enterprise social networks is relatively muted, even as it is linked to co-creation, the trend with third highest significant impact on market intelligence.

“Social media and device mobility provide greater opportunities for market intelligence teams to collect more comprehensive and a wider variety of business related data, than was possible in the recent past. Data now includes pictures, street-views, video clips, gestures, references and even emotions. This allows market intelligence professionals to draw deeper and more detailed conclusions about their markets, making their contributions to strategic business decisions even more relevant. I would call this intelligence 3.0,” said Joost Drieman, Vice President, Intelligence Best Practices at M-Brain (formerly GIA).









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