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The 10 Commandments for Developing Competitor Battle Cards

July 3, 2012. Successful companies such as Philips Healthcare, Tetra Pak, Fiserv and Siemens use competitor battle cards to help them sell. By providing competitive intelligence on competing offerings and…


How to Use Market Intelligence For Better Results in Sales Leads Prospecting

April 17, 2012. Business-to-business (B2B) companies are placing even greater emphasis on sales leads prospecting, as a result of uncertainty over the global economy and evolving buyer behavior. 60% of…


Market Intelligence for the Marketing and Sales Process

October 31, 2011. 64% of global companies intend to increase their investments in competitive intelligence or market intelligence over 2012-2013, with a geographical focus on emerging markets in Asia and…


Generating Useful Market Intelligence for Marketing and Sales

June 16, 2010. Strategic market intelligence can reap rich profits for companies that seek to understand their corporate customers’ needs and businesses better. From purchase driver mapping to sales gaps…


Monitoring Emerging Markets at Johnson Controls

"Being the market leader, we have our own views of how the global market will develop and rely heavily on our local intelligence in our various markets. By providing a…


Running Intelligence as a Service Center at T-Systems

Interviewed for this case was Henning Heinrich, Vice President of Market Intelligence at T-Systems. T-Systems is Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer arm. Using a global infrastructure of data centers and networks,…


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