Intelligence Consulting

Strategy & Best Practices

With over 17 years experience in delivering corporate intelligence consulting services to brands throughout the globe, M-Brain is proud to be recognized as the international leader in intelligence strategy solutions.

Whether an organization is just starting an intelligence function or already has a successful inhouse intelligence unit, there are a number of key benefits our consulting and strategic solutions are able to deliver:

-Support with identifying and overcoming market and competitive intelligence challenges

-Experience deploying organisational Intelligence Best Practices (IBP), creating an intelligence culture and helping the workforce to adopt, utilize and contribute to central market intelligence

-Facilitating intelligence and stakeholder relationship development

-Bespoke intelligence frameworks, systems and processes to suit organizational needs

Please feel free to browse through our specific Consultancy & Strategic Solutions and Get in Touch if you have any questions. Our Senior Consultancy team offer decades of experience in corporate strategic intelligence and will be pleased to discuss the ways that we can support your organization.