How Linde Hydraulics Uses Intelligence Plaza to Boost Growth

Interviewed for this case was Christian Bischof, Director Marketing & Corporate Communications at Linde Hydraulics GmbH & Co. KG. Christian explains how Intelligence Plaza® helps Linde Hydraulics to master competitive and market intelligence and stay on top of relevant industry developments and trends.

Background on Linde Hydraulics

Linde Hydraulics is a global developer and supplier of modular drive systems consisting of hydraulics, power transmissions and electronics. As a leading technology provider in the field of high-pressure hydraulics, the systems produced by Linde Hydraulics set the standard in terms of significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2. The product range comprises hydraulic pumps and motors, valves, electronic controls, peripheral devices, swing drives and electric motors. Linde Hydraulics is the development partner and supplier of a number of renowned manufacturers of mobile work machinery, including construction equipment, agricultural machines, mining, forestry and municipal utility machines, as well as manufacturers of industrial machinery.

Linde Hydraulics is based in Aschaffenburg, Germany and employs 1,300 employees at four production sites in Germany as well as at its subsidiaries in Europe, the US and China. It is represented in more than 50 countries by a strong network of over 70 sales and service partners.


Linde Hydraulics introduced the Intelligence Plaza in 2011 in order to control the increasing amount of market intelligence and industry data. The market intelligence function is embedded into the marketing department at the company, where Christian is responsible globally for the firm’s Marketing Communications & PR, Strategic Marketing as well as Product Marketing & Documentation.

Q: Why was Intelligence Plaza selected over other competitive intelligence software?

“The list of criteria is very long, but at the end I’d have to say that the Intelligence Plaza was the most powerful tool we have assessed at Linde hydraulics. The most impressive feature is the degree of automation that the platform provides. In a world of information, we do not have the time or the means to screen every possible source. Intelligence Plaza does that for us. It categorizes the news for easy review and helps us to distinguish between important and unimportant data.

Ultimately, I can say that the Intelligence Plaza offers the best total package for Linde Hydraulics!”

Q: How was the Linde Plaza piloted and rolled out within the organization?

“With the Intelligence Plaza, we are able to customize visible information for every user and help them to draw the right conclusions from their information base.

We started the roll out in our sales department at the corporate headquarters in Germany. The initial content covered OEMs, Competitor and Product News. After refining the information categories, we rolled the tool out to other departments and started catering to their specific information demand as well by for example, adding information on suppliers for the purchasing department.

After a successful launch here, we rolled the tool out throughout our international entities. The main purpose of the tool – and that applies for corporate and international staff – is to stay on top of our game. Thanks to Intelligence Plaza, we are a lot more responsive to the market demands today. We make quick decisions and do not miss out on business anymore, which happened in the past due to a lack or because of incomplete insights.

Apart from the above mentioned user groups, I would like to point out that our top management are among the most frequent users and really value the quick access to what they need to know. At Linde Hydraulics, the Intelligence Plaza has really become a one-shop stop for information and we are very pleased to have it.“

Q: What features of the software do you particularly appreciate?

“I really like the customized newsletter function. We avoid information overload by narrowing down the relevant topic that someone receives. For example, if you are the sales manager for India, you will not receive updates on Mexico. The newsletter is distributed once a week and really only contains a quick summary of those topics that are relevant for each individual user. If you would like to learn more about some of the content you are only one click away to access the in-depth update.

What we also really value in the organization are the social features the Intelligence Plaza offers. You can easily comment on topics, and not just have an exchange of information with your colleagues. This is a way to actually reach our top management and engage with them personally. This has proven to be very helpful and accelerate Linde Hydraulics’ response times to customers and market developments. “

Q: What are the benefits and success stories of Linde Hydraulics Plaza for the organization?

“The main benefits of Linde Hydraulics Plaza are the more advanced information offerings that help us to compete more successfully. Not only do we make better decisions, we also save time.

To give you an example; It is critical for our sales force to be up-to-date about competitor products. In order to always have the latest information; you have to constantly screen the market. However, there usually isn’t enough time to do so. With Intelligence Plaza, we have improved so much that our sales force does not run into any surprises anymore when they have negotiations with customers and they bring up enhancements of competitor products. We are usually already prepared and have the right answers and technology to challenging questions and topics.

Overall, we have been able to increase the business success rate at Linde Hydraulics due to the introduction of Intelligence Plaza.”…


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