How Nokia Networks Uses Intelligence Plaza to Achieve Greater Efficiency in Market Intelligence

Interviewed for this case was Erik Bärlund, Manager, Business Intelligence, from Nokia Networks (NET). Erik explains how the company utilizes the Intelligence Plaza for Microsoft SharePoint to improve overall usability and structure of the market intelligence information, to enable world class taxonomy and to optimize document access and storage, for instance.

Background on Nokia Networks

Nokia Networks is a multinational data networking and telecommunications equipment company, that was created as the result of a joint venture between Siemens Communications division and Nokia’s Network Business Group. Today, it operates in more than 150 countries worldwide.


On the subject of market intelligence efficiency, Mr. Bärlund emphasized that there should be as much information as possible available for the whole organization. At Nokia Networks, the Intelligence Plaza competitive intelligence portal is accessible to everyone in the company, and people can go and explore it for themselves. At NET, all market information can now be found in one place.

The Market Intelligence department’s key stakeholder is the top management. Therefore, they created preselected and simplified views for the top management and regional directors for easy access to critical information.

Some of the more sensitive information, for example information concerning the market situation and NET’s position in it, is visible only to the top management.

Efficiency in NET’s market intelligence work

According to Erik Bärlund, there are four key elements which stretch through all the operations at NET: quality, innovation, partnering and automation, with an accent on quality and automation. Mr. Bärlund considers that you should automate whatever you can automate, because it improves quality. Each manual step increases the possibility of an error.

However, a tool is not a miraculous solution to fix unworkable processes: you first need to create functioning processes and then create the efficiency with the tool. Two important questions to ask are a) where will you take the content from and b) if someone needs to create it.

The main benefits of the Intelligence Plaza for Nokia Networks have been the efficiency in market forecasting while working with the same tool and numbers, as well as combining intelligence from different business fields, customized for different user groups. It is also important and efficient to have everything in one place.

Erik Bärlund has been happy with the cooperation with M-Brain: “It’s been a journey to see what is working and what is not. M-Brain has been very patient.”

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