How Intelligence Plaza helps Össur to take its intelligence operations towards world-class level

Interviewed for this case was Mr. Carl Stoltz, Market Intelligence Director at Össur. Carl explains how he took his intelligence operations towards world-class level by using Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint and, in the process, created a system which streamlined his Intelligence operations and created a centralized market intelligence system accessible to all.

About Össur

Össur is an Icelandic company that develops, manufactures and sells non-invasive orthopaedics equipment, including bracing and support products, compression therapy, and prosthetics. The company’s headquarters is in Reykjavík, and it has offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, with distributors in other markets.

Q: When you were considering different options, which were your main reasons for choosing M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza?

“It looks great. It’s the only tool I found that both looks new and modern and can also facilitate the documents very well.

We use SharePoint as our corporate intranet, which gave us synergies on integration as well as teaching our community how to use Portal.

It´s very easy to use and not as difficult to customize as its competitors. As it’s built on Sharepoint, we can even do some of the customizations ourselves.

The tagging functionality is very simple to use and extremely powerful.”

Q: What are the benefits and success stories of Ossur Intelligence Plaza for the organization?

“All Intelligence is now centralized and accessible in one system.”

Q: Which specific features helps you the most that you would like to highlight?

“Market and Company profiles, all content on portal related to a specific Company/Market accessible from one very nicely designed profile page.

Industry news library is really useful. There you can filter what content you would like to see and also search information from the past & present, it also looks great and very professional.

Alert functionality on e.g. News Library, where users themselves can subscribe to what alerts they want to get and how often (Immediate, Daily, Weekly). You can even choose the different delivery formats like high level daily summary or whole article delivered to you in your email.

Old school document library but upgraded with the same nice tagging functionality as other intelligence plaza modules.

Content approval, all content added by users goes through an approval queue, so we can ensure tagging is correct and security applied.

Version control, you can always go back and look at old versions of documents, profile pages, news articles etc.

All content is tagged with multiple layers of security based on e.g. sensitivity of content, regional security in combination with product divisions. Security is linked with Active Directory.

Accessible and works/scales well on any device, laptops, big screen, iPad, phones etc.”

Q: Finally, would you recommend M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint against in-house SharePoint Site Development?

“In 2014 we built our own MI Portal on SharePoint in cooperation “with Sharepoint consultants”. You can definitely do it, but I pretty quickly realized how hard it was going to be to get it to look and function the way I wanted. In the end I concluded if I am going to be up to speed with technology and functionality of MI Portal, I cannot do it myself.

Making it look great and scale properly on all kinds of screen resolutions and different devices is not a simple task to do by yourself. Intelligence Plaza has this solved for you. It comes with all kinds of nice templates that you can easily customize with your own branding.

Security was a big struggle for us on Sharepoint itself, now we have a tool that is fully integrated with our company’s active directory. Security is also taken into account on MI portal where all content can be tagged to define the level of security.

A lot of improvements and functionalities are developed together with other Intelligence Plaza customers, which saves costs and accelerates the speed to bring these developments in production.

Also, in many cases, if another customer of M-Brain is building any new functionalities, it´s very likely I am just going to get these functionalities for *free in my next product upgrade.”

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