How Intelligence Plaza helped Schenck Process solve the complexity of information collection, analysis and distribution

Interviewed for this case was Mr. Oliver Hoffmann, Senior Manager Business & Corporate Development at Schenck Process. Oliver explains how Intelligence Plaza On SharePoint helped him solve the complexity of information collection, analysis and distribution. Our internal market intelligence simplified the running of MI operations for this global organization.

About Schenck Process

With its 2300 employees worldwide, Schenck Process is the global technology and market leader in applied measuring technology. Schenck Process make processes work in all areas of industry throughout the world. For them that means improving their customer processes in terms of reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Combining outstanding equipment and extensive process knowledge, Schenck Process develops and manufactures innovative solutions for weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation and air filtration applications.

Q: Oliver, can you tell us what is the positioning of the Schenck Process Intelligence Plaza (MIA) based on SharePoint in your organization? Who is it targeted for and what is the main purpose of the tool?

“As a global organization with subsidiaries in 20 countries on all continents and with a diverse customer base over several industries, we are confronted with a twofold complexity with respect to the collection, analysis and distribution of our internal market intelligence. With MIA, we were able to establish an easy to access centralized solution that gives our colleagues access to a diverse set of useful information for the industry or region they are interested in. Currently the content is mainly targeting market related functions such as Marketing, Business Development or the Sales staff but also top management like our CEO. For the future, we are thinking of ways to broaden the user base by generating content for other functions such as our service organization, for example.”

Q: Which specific features help you the most that you would like to highlight?

“MIA is incredibly easy to deal with. When we introduced the system to a broader audience, we offered a virtual tour and a short video tutorial and this was basically all that was necessary to make our colleagues familiar with the different options the system provides. Furthermore we can offer mobile access.

What I like to highlight is the possibility to create customized alerts which is an excellent way to keep our colleagues updated about what is happening in their specific field of interest without creating an overload of information. Whether you are interested in the North American petfood or the Indian mining industry, MIA provides you with the exact information you are looking for. From an administration point of view, the system gives us the opportunity to define different level of security to ensure that we share certain sensitive information only with a specific set of employees.”

Q: When you were considering different options, which were your main reasons for choosing M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza?

“After considering several options, we decided to choose M-Brain´s Sharepoint based solution for mainly two reasons.

First of all, it was important that the system could be integrated in our IT eco system and that it was easy to administrator. Due to the Sharepoint base, we can do a lot of administration by ourselves without the need of possessing advanced programming skills and we were able to integrate the platform in our intranet.

The second reason is that we wanted to be able to realize a quick start with a small solution that offered the possibility for a development on the way. We think that M-Brain is the right partner for that. Due to their expertise in the field of market intelligence, we knew that their development process would target new features that were specifically designed for market intelligence topics. We are confident that we will find a good solution together with M-Brain no matter in which direction our own internal development process will lead us.”

Q: What are the benefits and success stories of (MIA) Intelligence Plaza for the organization?

”MIA dramatically increases the availability of relevant market information for our global organization, which enables us as a global group to make well informed decisions and save time and resources that would have otherwise been invested in isolated information gathering.

Just to give you an example: If you are a sales manager for a specific industry and territory, you can find a wide variety of intelligence available that supports you in your daily business but also in strategic decision making.

You have access to the most recent sales leads in a specific country and can plan the next trip with our plant database with integrated geomapping function. Statistics and forecasts about production volumes and capacities provide information about the state of the specific industry in your  region and you can also find customized analysis that our market intelligence team prepared upon request of another colleague. Finally, industry news can be easily accessed by region and industry filters and, as already mentioned,  you can also set up an alert customized to your needs. ”

Q: Finally, would you recommend M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza?


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