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M-Brain Intelligence Plaza® – Competitive Intelligence Tool

Intelligence Plaza® is the world’s leading market & competitive intelligence platform for workforce intelligence sharing, storage, collaboration & deployment.

External competitor insights and internal colleague engagement come together in Plaza® to provide the market intelligence platform of choice for over 50,000 corporate decision makers around the globe.

Turning Information into Insight

Intelligence Plaza® operates as a one-stop database and multi-channel delivery system of your business critical market intelligence. By turning industry intelligence into actionable insights and deploying to required stakeholders through our smart trigger and alert features, executive decision making can be boosted by up to 25%*.

Secure Cloud Hosted or On-Premise

Intelligence Plaza® is available either as a secure cloud hosted solution or deployed straight into your existing SharePoint environment. Our Onboarding Success Consultants can take care of configurations for you and our Customer Success Teams are always on hand to provide any support your workforce needs, technical or otherwise.

Custom Categorization & Trigger Alerts

Intelligence Plaza® not only receives and stores your market intelligence in accordance with your requirements. It’s advanced sort and categorization features means you’ll always be able to find the information you need right at the fingertips of you and your chosen colleagues. And when new intelligence is received that meets your trigger metrics, automated alerts are deployed to selected workforce recipients.

market intelligence platform

Secure Cloud Workforce Intelligence Sharing Platform

competitive intelligence sharing dashboard

Securely configurable into your server hosted Sharepoint

arranging market intelligence

Advanced workforce intelligence categorization and deployment features

Access and Share Intelligence From Your Mobile

M-Brain app allows you to access content from your market intelligence platform Intelligence Plaza. The application enables you to find, read and share information that is relevant for your business. Access to the M-Brain app requires an existing Intelligence Plaza subscription.

Download the app or contact your local office for more information.

The M-Brain mobile app also enables you to explore content from the global media listening software M-Adaptive.

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*Statistic revealed in the 2013 Global Market Intelligence Survey comparing companies who are using world class market intelligence tools vs. other companies.

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