Gather your external market information and internal knowledge into one central place

Intelligence Plaza is a complete competitive intelligence platform, tailored to help companies manage their market and strategic intelligence. You can share your insights in a customized way and improve internal collaboration via knowledge sharing.



Key Benefits of Intelligence Plaza Platform

Intelligence Plaza is a future-proof and scalable intelligence solution able to meet the needs of companies large and small. The platform aligns well with your IT strategy and can be accessed easily with desktop and mobile devices. Our excellent mobile app enables users to benefit from 24/7/365 intelligence.

Power Your Decision-making

Comprehensive solution to automate and streamline your intelligence workflow.

Improve your:

  • Strategic decisions
  • Market awareness
  • Sales enablement
  • Risk mitigation

Engage Your Organization

Plaza’s effortless content sharing options improve market awareness and strategic decision-making in teams such as:

  • Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Business Development and Sales

Beat Your Competition

Through Intelligence Plaza you get diverse content and strategic insights personalised to your needs, covering:

  • Markets & Industries
  • Competitors
  • Companies & Customers

Benefit from Comprehensive Features

  • Alerts and newsletters for intelligence distribution
  • Visual dashboards to highlight key insights
  • Advanced search to find all relevant information
  • Competitor, customer, product, market or country profiles with benchmark features

Technology, Enriched Content & Human Intelligence to Augment Your Intelligence Capabilities

An intelligence platform is only as good as the content it contains. M-Brain’s augmented intelligence approach offers you a fine balance, much more than just the platform. We can offer you a fully managed service, in which our human analysts can be an extension of your team. We curate insight content, manage dashboards, enrich the platform with market and strategic intelligence, as well as offer support services.

We take great pride in our well-curated & highly relevant content. We can provide you, not only, with our proprietary technology, but also the content that our experienced in-house market and industry analysts create. More than 80 % of our customers enjoy the full Intelligence Plaza solution, which combines technology with our curated analyst services.

M-Brain is unique in its position as a global full-service competitive intelligence agency, covering all markets and industries worldwide. We have been able to develop the most in-depth industry knowledge, which is reflected in our Industry Insights service. We will make sure you have the right analyst at your service, with industry knowledge relevant for your needs.

When you take the full Intelligence Plaza solution into use, you also benefit from our consultative partnership approach and will receive world-class content tailored to your intelligence needs.

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World-Class Security and State-of-the-Art Integration Capabilities

Intelligence Plaza comes with world-class security and state-of-the-art integration capabilities. The platform can also be easily integrated with incoming and outgoing RSS and XML feeds. In addition, user experience can be maximized by embedding a wide range of different types of content from third party tools.

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