10 reasons why Intelligence Plaza is the preferred solution of industry leaders

1. Developed by intelligence experts

Developed by strategic market intelligence specialists – after all, we have been using Intelligence Plaza® to deliver market monitoring services to over 50,000 clients since 2000.

Rely on experts who can help you plan, set up and even populate your competitive intelligence portal with market updates and analysis if you choose. Not only that, we can advise you on how to market and launch the service to your internal clients, as we have done for over 100 companies.

2. Multi-channel intelligence delivery

  • Operate a complete competitive intelligence (CI) engine, handling both inflow and outflow of information about markets and competitors.
  • Email alerts – Any user can set up personalized alert profiles based on his or her preferred topics or type of content – such as reports, news, or comments.
  • Intuitive and flexible web user interface – Users enjoy an easy-to-use web interface with Intelligence Plaza®. The solution offers a full range of features, including custom dashboards, search tools, trend analysis and graphing tools, as well as collaboration capabilities through discussions boards, commenting capabilities and ratings. The web interface also enables each user to manage personal settings.
  • Mobile user interface – Mobile device users can access market and competitor intelligence via their Android and iOS devices – to mention only a few!
  • Microsoft SharePoint – Turn your SharePoint into a world-class intelligence platform by running the Intelligence Plaza entirely in the Microsoft SharePoint environment.

3. Substantial cost-savings

  • Intelligence Plaza® can potentially save each of your users at least 1.5 hours a week, according to an M-Brain customer survey. That effectively accumulates to about 9.5 days saved a year per user.
  • Save the hassle of developing an intelligence software system in-house. Purchasing intelligence software rather than developing your own solution saves time and effort, and is often the least costly option.

4. Scalable, robust and secure

  • Intelligence Plaza® is designed with large, international companies in mind. As a result, the security, reliability and scalability of Intelligence Plaza® are top-notch. Many of the companies that use Intelligence Plaza®, including some of the largest companies in the world, have conducted technical audits to ensure that it meets their high IT requirements, and Intelligence Plaza® has always passed these audits.
  • As your organization and intelligence operation evolve over time, Intelligence Plaza® scales to meet your changing requirements.

5. Integrates with other information systems

  • Intelligence Plaza® interfaces and integrates easily with other systems. You can distribute content from Intelligence Plaza® to your corporate intranet or other systems like CRM via XML and RSS feeds, or separate API. 
  • Intelligence Plaza® supports XML and RSS feeds to automate flows of incoming and outgoing information.

6. Flexible and customizable

  • Colors, fonts, modules, categories and content fields are all customizable to match your company’s branding, intelligence and interface needs.
  • We work closely with our customers to make sure they get the most out of Intelligence Plaza® as an integral part of their intelligence process.
  • Administrators can easily edit information categories, set user group rights, set up feeds, and configure dashboards on their own.

7. User-friendly and intuitive

  • Intelligence Plaza® is intuitive to navigate. There is no need for extensive user training.
  • Easy to use and robust visual analytics.
  • Graphs and numerical comparison for companies and markets are extremely easy to create, and to add to any dashboard. Just a few minutes and a few clicks, and you’re done!

8. Easy to implement

  • Purchase Intelligence Plaza® either as Software as a Service (SaaS), install it on your company’s IT infrastructure or turn your existing SharePoint into a complete world class intelligence platform.
  • Whichever model chosen, implementation of Intelligence Plaza® only requires minor time and resource investments from you and your IT department. During the implementation, the product is configured to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

9. Continuous support & development

  • Many of our first customer installations from 2000 are still using Intelligence Plaza® today.
  • Each year, we ask our customers for their feedback. We also receive continuous feedback from our 50+ in-house analysts and information specialist who use the system to deliver our daily market monitoring services to over 50,000 users around the world.
  • The market intelligence process has very specific requirements that are best supported with tools that have been tailored to intelligence use from the ground up. That is what M-Brain has been doing since 2000. All features of Intelligence Plaza® are developed by intelligence professionals to meet the requirements of world class competitive intelligence operations.

10. Access to more than just software expertise

Gain greater exposure to world class competitive intelligence processes and systems. Whether your focus is on processes, technology, content or people, you can select from an entire suite of training, consultation and advisory services that best suit your needs and objectives from M-Brain’s fee-based consulting services and conferences. Examples include:
– Intelligence Benchmarking Projects
– Intelligence Mentoring Programs
– Intelligence Audit Projects
– Intelligence Set-up Projects
– Intelligence Development Projects
– Intelligence Training Projects
M-Brain’s Intelligence Best Practices sessions are designed to ensure that concrete and sustainable results can be easily implemented. Our practical, hands-on sessions can be held either over a few hours or a few days.

Take Your Intelligence Management to the Next Level

Learn how Intelligence Plaza® can help your organization enhance the impact of it’s intelligence.


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