Start with a pilot - no internal IT needed

Kick off your improved intelligence cycle with a no-obligation Intelligence Plaza® pilot test. Implement your pilot within ten weeks in just five easy steps.

The set-up project starts with an intelligence needs analysis and specifications. This is a critical step to make sure your intelligence system meets your requirements. M-Brain (previously known as Global Intelligence Alliance) has done this work with over 100 companies worldwide; we have the best tools and templates to make your intelligence system efficient and productive.

We can launch your pilot in two weeks. During the pilot project, your ”pilot users” help optimize the system by running it through its paces and giving feedback. The administrators of the system are also trained during the pilot project. The pilot usually lasts two to three months, after which the service is launched to all users. The user base in a company can vary between 100 to 1,000 users or more.

Contact us for a demo today; our dedicated account managers will be more than happy to assist you.

Step 1

Contact us and discuss your competitive intelligence requirements with a M-Brain account manager. When you conduct a pilot test, you receive a complimentary independent intelligence audit.

Step 2

Working with M-Brain, you define the content you require, such as news, geographical areas, specific topic areas, reports and profiles, additional market monitoring and/or analysis services. You also decide on the full portfolio of information sources you need, internal and external.

Step 3

Working with M-Brain, define your technical requirements.

Step 4

Undergo training for your pilot users and administrators.

Step 5

Launch your pilot and experience the power of Intelligence Plaza®!

Take Your Intelligence Management to the Next Level

Learn how Intelligence Plaza® can help your organization enhance the impact of it’s intelligence.


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