Enjoy world class competitive intelligence directly on Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint has become the de facto standard for accessing corporate tools and applications, as large organizations turn to browser-based web application platforms for internal collaboration and document management.

10 reasons why companies choose Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint:

1. Proprietary, custom-built Alert, Meta-tagging and Feed-store management
2. Easy and scalable integration of numerical data
3. Challenges with Single Sign On mechanism will decrease dramatically
4. Proven and Tested: Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint is used by leading intelligence departments globally
5. Seamless integration to MS Office apps
6. Intuitive Category Dashboards instead of folder based navigation
7. Document level access rights and version control
8. Best in class: Based on 15+ years of market intelligence software experience and global intelligence best practices
9. Numerous social collaboration tools
10. On-premise and hosted solution available

Contact a local M-Brain office for a demonstration of the Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint!

FreePint, the international research and consulting service for information and knowledge professionals, says

Intelligence Plaza is a great choice for organisations already using Microsoft SharePoint as it is strongly integrated within a SharePoint Interface. The stand out strengths of Intelligence Plaza are the options to set up feeds from internal and external feeds of your choosing, making each company’s view unique and tailored to their information needs and wants.

The package also enables each user to tag chosen stories and you can choose a variety of delivery options. Intelligence Plaza is fully operational on all platforms from PC to tablet and smartphone. The Intelligence Plaza “Market Intelligence Team” are fully committed to ensuring that every customer gets the most from that data available. The typical company size that uses Intelligence Plaza can be from 100 to thousands of employees”.

Now, you can use your corporate Microsoft SharePoint not only as an access channel, but as the very solution to your market intelligence management needs, through Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint, the only competitive intelligence software you will ever need. 

Take Your Intelligence Management to the Next Level

Learn how Intelligence Plaza® can help your organization enhance the impact of it’s intelligence.


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