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A unique and empowering network of benchmarking circle groups aimed to facilitate collaboration, knowledge and development amongst member intelligence and strategy professionals.

Listen, Contribute & Grow

M-Brain’s intelligence roundtables were formed several years ago to provide senior intelligence and strategy professionals with an intimate and informative way to meet, learn and grow through face-to-face roundtable groups.

Any seasoned business professional knows there is no substitute for experience. Being able to learn from the real life experiences of other professionals you intimately trust offers a valuable way to develop and apply new methods and perspectives. Many members also find that being able to share contributions and reflect on key experiences with other members brings mutual benefits.


A High-Trust and High-Reward Environment

The M-Brain intelligence roundtables are built upon deep-rooted ethics of trust and confidentiality. M-Brain is proud to host the world’s leading collections of roundtable communities, each containing private groups of non-competing senior professionals who meet periodically to share a mutual exchange of intelligence knowledge, experiences, opinions and ideas.

Any company-specific information is confidential and considered the property of a participating company. Specific approval must always be attained before utilizing or publishing any company specific information. Members are also required to adhere to the multi-lateral NDA and naturally respect the private and trusted nature of the group.

“Members love the networking and exchange of fresh perspectives with other experienced intelligence professionals.”

Carsten Gayer, Roundtable Facilitator, D-A-CH Regions

“One of our aims is to help members increase the value of intelligence within their organisations through relevant new ideas and supporting data.”

Joost Drieman, Roundtable Facilitator, Global

Where our Benchmarking Circles Take Place

The Intelligence Roundtables are a global initiative consisting of various regional sub-groups. Typically, each roundtable group will hold no more than 8 members to keep the conversations intimate and collaborative. Below are some of the regions in which roundtables are held every quarter.

D-A-CH Region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland)

United States (East Coast)

United States (West Coast)

United Kingdom

Scandinavia (Finland, Norway, Sweden)


Examples of Recent Meeting Topics

The topics and questions discussed at our roundtable events can be varied and are always thought provoking. Below is a selection of example topics covered in recent sessions.

Intelligence deliverables and data visualization
Social media intelligence
Internal marketing for intelligence
The ROI of intelligence
Competitor simulation (aka wargames)
Sales enablement
Consultative skills
Win-loss analysis
Early warnings and weak signals


Scope and Features

There are 4 Benchmarking Circle Meetings per calendar year, with rotating hosts and topics. Membership includes all the features listed below – Please contact us for a quote to join.

Pre-roundtable materials
Facilitation of 4 meetings per year
4 x networking dinners per year
Post-roundtable materials
Our online best practices portal
Networking and relationship building assistance

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We understand that you may have questions before considering whether to join our roundtable group. Please get in touch and a member of our team will be delighted to assist.

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