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Monitor brand mentions, audience sentiment and key industry influencers across global social and editorial media channels

Optimize your marketing and communications efforts with M-Adaptive. Get real-time access to relevant insight on your business environment and proactively manage your reputation and brand. With M-Adaptive you can monitor and analyse both editorial as well as social media content.

By tracking the impact across digital channels, you are able to optimise your marketing and communications efforts. In the field of product development and innovation, you can detect new trends and stay ahead of the competition. M-Adaptive enables you to create automated newsletters and alerts based on changes in volume, share of voice and sentiment.

Media monitoring software covering 70 languages

M-Adaptive’s search engine is capable of crawling media sources in 70 languages using optimized language detection. Meaning you can be sure you’re never missing a trick and have full visibility of global brand mentions and audience sentiment.

+3 million
media sources

Social & editorial

Brand mentions & sentiment analysis

Access and share insights on your mobile

The M-Brain Mobile app allows you to access content from your global media listening software M-Adaptive straight to your mobile devices, supporting insight search, read and share capabilities throughout your workforce. Access to the M-Brain app requires an existing M-Adaptive subscription.

Download the app or contact your local office for more information.

The M-Brain mobile app also supports accessibility for market intelligence platform Intelligence Plaza

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