Is your strategy driven by relevant information?

Wondering how to stay on top of all trends, scenarios, incidents and events that influence your markets, customer segments, and competition? As specialists of unstructured data, we help you make sense of the information overload by delivering a worldwide 360° view on events shaping your business environment.

Instead of just delivering relevant information, we also help you to recognize the information needs and challenges, understand how to avoid information silos, and how to change those intelligence process structures that are not serving you well. In other words, we are here to help and make sure that you can use market and competitive intelligence in the most efficient and useful way.

Leverage M-Brain’s 20+ years of experience to assess, develop, and deploy your market intelligence process.


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Track your competitors, customers, and key industry events

M-Brain offers solutions to all your information-related challenges. We provide insights with third-party objectivity to help you enable your sales, develop informed business strategies, and understand any issues or challenges you may face with competing brands. See our products below:


Market Intelligence Tool - Intelligence Plaza - M-Brain

Intelligence Plaza

A central intelligence platform to tackle the challenge of data being everywhere. Track, store, and share information from various sources within your organization. Access to our global source portfolio to discover insights. Eliminate information silos and proactively deliver prompt, customized intelligence reports to colleagues. Secure hosting and easy to integrate with other systems.


Industry Insights funnel - M-Brain

Industry Insights

Individual daily summaries about changes in your industry along with insights on competitors and customers. Industry Insights covers global publications, regional and national media as well as local media sources. It covers over 150 000 sources globally, including over 100 original source languages.



Market Intelligence Monitoring and Analysisnalysis - M-Brain

Customized Market Tracking & Analysis

Extend your resources and analysis capabilities with a dedicated team of analysts and account managers who conduct tailored market and competitive research anywhere in the world with access to any publicly available data source via M-Brain’s in-house engine. The service includes daily deliverables, monthly & quarterly reports delivered to mailbox and via Intelligence Plaza.

Agile and scalable market and competitive intelligence solutions

Every single one of our customers is unique, and so are the solutions we offer them. We tailor our services to perfectly suit your organization’s needs. You can always choose a standalone service from our product portfolio, or you can combine two or more services to achieve a powerful integrated world-class market intelligence solution. Whatever your challenge is, our experienced consultants will help you find the right and most suitable solution for your needs.

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