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Be the first to know about relevant industry developments, reported and delivered in the way that best suits you. M-Brain’s Market Monitoring Solutions help thousands of organizations throughout the world to stay abreast of the top industry trends they need to know about.

Through our industry-leading media monitoring technologies and analysts, we are able to support customers in monitoring markets, customers, competitors or industry regulations and even extending to wider themes including mergers and acquisitions, tenders, macroeconomic indicators, or patents.

The scope of market monitoring is customer-driven and monitored news and insights can be delivered to you by email, RSS feed or via our Intelligence Plaza® – Information Repository.

Market Monitoring Services
Achieve ongoing visibility on markets, customers, competitors or industry events and trends

Mergers Acquisition Intelligence
Identify suitable targets for mergers and acquisitions, tenders and patents activity.

Market Monitoring Company
Receive insights to your email or via RSS feed or Intelligence Plaza.

Additional analysis available

In addition to our Market Monitoring Solutions, we are proud to be able to offer a whole range of personalized Market Research, Competitive Analysis and Strategic Analysis Solutions.  Whether you wish to enhance the depth of your Market Monitoring insights with analytical content such as news commentary, company profiles, or strategic theme review. Or even if you require bespoke research or analysis to identify particular opportunities or risks, we are delighted to be able to help.

Market Monitoring Consultants

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