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M-Brain has been delivering market research and industry analysis services for over 17 years and is proudly recognized as a global leader in the field.

With around 500 global analysts and consultants supported by the world’s leading technologies and methodologies, our solutions are perfectly positioned to provide the expertise and resource to support any business.

Primary Market Research


Performing observations, interviews, surveys and more to uncover valuable first hand business insights.

Secondary Market Research


Achieving data validation with online and offline research intelligence through credible and verified sources.

Market Entry Services


Providing market attractiveness and marketing opportunity visibility with market strategy solutions.

Market Sizing Services


Establishing current and emerging market size and viability intelligence through primary & secondary methods.

Market Research Company
M-Brain is known for an exceptional workforce and ability to operate at the forefront of the widest range of industry sectors. Below is just some of the markets in which we hold particular expertise and are happy to demonstrate our success.

Accounting | Aviation | Architecture | Automotive | Aerospace | Banking | Business Supplies | Chemicals | Civil Engineering | Computer & Network Security | Computer Software | Construction| Consumer Electronics | Cosmetics | Electrical Manufacturing | Financial Services | Food Production | Health & Wellness | Hospitality | Import & Export | Insurance |Investment Banking | Legal Services | Management Consulting | Market Research | Mechanical & Industrial | Medical Devices | Mining | Oil & Energy | Packaging & Containers | Pharmaceuticals | Publishing | Rail | Retail | Telecommunications | Textiles | Tobacco | Transportation | Utilities | Venture Capital

Our market research solutions can support customers in establishing market attractiveness and market sizing, market entry strategies, customer or supplier behavior and perception analysis, industry analysis, competitive and market analysis, market sizing, trade show intelligence and so on.

Some of the reasons why customers choose M-Brain:

Market data

Extensive Market Databases

Professional and ready business information databases.

competitive research

Global & Local Capabilities

Analysts deployed in regions ready to research and translate.

market analysts


Uniform global quality process standards.

best market research companies


Quick turnarounds even through robust delivery processes.

Market Research Proposal
If you would like to discuss how we can support your market research needs, please get in touch via the web form or contacting your local M-Brain office.

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