Boost your market awareness and foresee risks and opportunities faster than your competitors

Careful prioritization and definition of the intelligence scope is key to making the most out of your market intelligence budget – who is served, what is included and how broad and deep the intelligence portfolio is.

M-Brain’s dedicated analyst team extends your resources and analysis capabilities and takes you beyond information, into insights and actions. Our teams are highly skilled in secondary and primary research and analysis, they have access to local information sources, and they bring their practical experience of many industries, related sectors, and their home market.

We create efficiencies in the organization’s intelligence processes to enable you to save time and focus on high level strategic priorities for your business. We can help you with early warning and opportunity identification related to a wide range of topics.


What we offer

  • News, Bulletins and Commentaries
  • Customer and Competitor Monitoring
  • Sales Leads Monitoring
  • Key Indicator Monitoring
  • M&A Monitoring
  • Emerging Markets and Local Language News Monitoring
  • Blog and Social Media Monitoring
  • Company Profiles, Product Profiles and Supplier Profiles
  • Macroeconomic, Business Area and Competitor Review


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Get a competitive edge with all the information you need


  • Fast set-up and quick deployment of Market Intelligence benefits
  • Time-saving and cost-effective set-up, utilizing M-Brain resources
  • Market Intelligence program based on worldwide best practices


  • Concrete results from Market Intelligence program within weeks
  • Reduce risk of being outpaced by competitors
  • Global view of key market players and trends



  • Easy access to structured business insight
  • Reduce noise, avoid information overload
  • Focus on decision-making, not information searching

Dedicated secondary & primary research

As all M-Brain’s services are agile and scalable, we also offer pre-determined package of hours for dedicated secondary & primary research. Research quota includes a dedicated team of analysts and account managers who continuously track set themes (competitors, regions, businesses) or uncover insights on unforeseen ad hoc requests that emerge throughout the year. The service works well as a standalone or with any of M-Brain’s other solutions.

By collecting and analyzing relevant information for you, we support your market awareness for enhanced competitiveness.

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