Media Analysis Services

Media analysis tailored to your needs with key figures, charts, summaries plus professional conclusions and recommendations to guide you forward.


Recognize Weak Signals Quickly

Enhance your reputation management, and gain profound understanding of the impact of editorial and social media publicity. We provide you with media analysis tailored to your needs and schedules, and offer you the support of our experienced media analysts.

Key Metrics

KPI’s summaries, conclusions and recommendations

Publicity trends, scores and peaks

Themes, tone, channels and influencers

Competitor benchmarking



Measure the success of your communications or PR strategy, understand impact and make informed decisions.    


Benchmark publicity on reputation and other important factors, facilitating better understanding of your organization’s standing inside an industry.


Recognize weak signals quickly, giving you the opportunity to determine what customers want and spot industry and market disruptions before competitors.

Informed Leadership

M-Brain is a global information, technology and consulting services company and a leading global provider of external media and market intelligence.

We help our clients to navigate the turbulent and ever-expanding business environment, offering crucial external business information and advising on its efficient management and utilization.

We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision-making and strategic planning.  We call it Informed Leadership.

Our Value is Supported by AI Development


M-Brain’s intelligence expertise is a combination of proprietary artificial intelligence development and human relevance screening.


Our in-house machine learning engine analyses and classifies billions of online documents, constantly improving its capabilities through training data.

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