Media Analysis Solutions


M-Brain’s Media Analysis Solutions are globally acclaimed as the industry standard for gaining clarity and understanding on media metrics and brand awareness data. Not only do our solutions include analyst services and software technologies. Our global monitoring covers over 3 millions sources in 69 languages providing the best-in-class reach and visibility for customers throughout the world.

brand media analysis solutions

Brand Media Analysis

Gain clear awareness around the media perception of your own brand or your competitors.

audience Sentiment analysis

Audience Media Analysis

Understand where and how specific audiences and demographics are demonstrating sentiment through the media.

Industry media analysis services

Industry Media Analysis

Keep abreast of emerging trends on specific industries or topics in the media.

Scheduled & Structured or Adhoc & Bespoke

Whether your need is for ongoing or adhoc media analysis, our team will be delighted to assist.

With around 500 analysts and consultants throughout 13 countries, we have the resources so support your organization and unrivaled experience in analyzing various media types in local and global markets.

We can offer structured analysis from one of our defined frameworks or bespoke solutions for any complex requirement.

Market Analysis Services

Customer-Centric Media Analysis

Our media analysis solutions can be tailored to suit any business objective. Whether you require greater awareness of your organization’s public perception or better understanding around a specific theme or keyword set, our analysts are experienced at monitoring and analyzing online, offline, editorial and social medium.

media analysis report services

Media Analysis Reports

Our typical media analysis output includes the following metrics: Volume and sentiment of publicity, Attention score and audience metrics, Themes, Opinion leaders and Key influencers, Impact of PR activities, Spread of key messages, Share of voice comparison and Top media

Media Analysis Services

Turning Analysis into Action

Our media analysis services help organizations to drive value in a wide variety of ways. Whether to support PR, branding and marketing teams in gauging impact of a campaign, or helping investors and stakeholders to identify audience perception, our services can fit into any requirement and be tailored to support any defined business objective.

Media Analysis Services Agency

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