Media analysis helps you measure the goals set for your organization or for a particular marketing or communications campaign, guides you in your planning, and helps you determine what actions to take in the future.

Media analysis provides you with an objective perspective on the publicity of your business and stakeholders

M-Brain’s media analysis services typically get started by mapping your needs. Needs mapping is done from the perspective of your communication and business goals to determine:

  • Comprehensive sources for media monitoring
  • Criteria for identifying relevant information
  • Appropriate metrics for evaluating earned publicity
  • Optimal analysis cycle

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What are the benefits of M-Brain’s media analysis?

Media analysis enables the identification of phenomena in the consumer interface and provides a clear picture of current publicity themes. The analysis always captures the essential information in a compact format, making it easier to verify and concretize the results of your communication work. Media analysis also improves goal evaluation. The results of the analysis help to measure the level at which the goals of the company’s communication strategy have been achieved. Systematic measurement supports long-term planning.

M-Brain is a partner specialized in business intelligence processing. You save time as the intelligence processing is handled by experts. Publicity can be analyzed from different angles, so it is essential to choose the metrics that best serve your organization.

Our experienced analysts will work with you to select the most appropriate indicators for your needs. Objectively produced analytical summaries provide a reliable picture that also provides a solid basis for further development of communication activities.

What intelligence does media analysis provide?

A media analysis can focus on your organization’s publicity, or it can be tailored to any specific topic that interests you. The analysis consists of tables of performance indicators, graphs, written summaries and conclusions, and a presentation of key findings. The analysis may be continuous or can be carried out for a specific purpose. Commonly used media analysis indicators are:

  • amount and tone of publicity
  • attention score and audience
  • themes, opinion leaders and influencers
  • impact of PR activities
  • distribution of key messages
  • share-of-voice comparisons
  • major media

How do I turn the results of a media analysis into action?

Once the key findings from the media analysis are identified, we will help you turn the results into action. With our help you interpret and utilize the results of communication measurement and analysis and integrate evaluation measures into the communication management process.

Our approach helps to increase the visibility of how external communications support an organization’s operations, with the success of the whole organization as a goal. In addition, we will work with you to develop the best measure of success for each of your communications activities. Finally, we link them to your business goals, and thus prove the value of your communications work.

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