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Enhance your reputation management, and gain profound understanding of the impact of editorial and social media publicity. We provide you with media analysis tailored to your needs and schedules, and offer you the support of our experienced media analysts.

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Widest Global Media Network

M-Brain is proud to be recognized as a global leader in media intelligence and media analysis solutions.

With a professional workforce of 400+ media analysts & consultants based in 13 countries and supported by the world’s best-in-class media network monitoring technologies, our Media Intelligence solutions span more than 3 million sources and over 69 languages.

Our Media Intelligence Solutions

Technology-Driven, Human-Validated Solutions

Our media intelligence solutions combine efficient search technology with human intelligence, delivering only the information of relevance to your organization and business objectives. Our technology searches the web for relevant hits and our analysts offer highlighted, summarized, translated or simply validated information, delivered to our customers on a daily basis.

Benefits Of Our Services



Summarized and succinct newsletters provide a greater amount of information in a shorter amount of time.



Visibility over specific topics enables swift reaction to emerging developments, allowing more quick and effective decision-making.  



Measure the success of your communications or PR strategy, understand its impact and make informed decisions.

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