Red Nose Day, organized by the Nose Day Foundation, invites Finns to help the world’s children and raise funds for long-term development cooperation every year. In 2020, the fundraising for the Red Nose Day campaign and the expertise of the nine other organizations involved will help children in a total of 17 different countries in Africa, Asia and South America.


The partnership between M-Brain and Red Nose Day began in 2013 when Red Nose Day was looking for a media monitoring service for its charity campaign. The media field relevant to the campaign is quite vast and requires the right kind of tools to make the necessary information easier to highlight and utilize.

Marketing and Communications Manager Taina Tyrväinen, Marketing and Communications Coordinator Jonna Rotola-Pukkila and Partnership Coordinator Anette Koivisto tell us how M-Brain’s services have helped the campaign organization improve its own operations.


Lessons from media analysis for the next campaign

A decade ago, media monitoring was still carried out in a rather traditional style for many companies by cutting newspaper clippings related to the monitored topic. Today, due to its size, a fragmented media field is difficult to perceive and manage without some appropriate tools for the job.

In its daily monitoring, the Red Nose Day campaign organization utilizes the M-Adaptive media monitoring tool as well as a media analysis that is assembled after the event. With media monitoring, the campaign team can find out which openers really provoke reactions and discussion.

Media monitoring reports produced by M-Adaptive are read several times a week, and Red Nose Day strives to use the tool with the full team to get the most out of it. “With the help of M-Adaptive, we monitor the spread of our own and our partners’ Red Nose Day messages in the media. With the service, are also able to build a closer relationship with our partners when we are able to respond and take their external communications into account better,” the team says.

Media analysis can be used to track how campaign actions and events have affected the amount of publicity in specific weeks and which media have taken up the topic. Both editorial and social media also provide information on the development of publicity in the longer term, i.e. it is also possible to make comparisons between different campaign years.

“Every year, we try to learn from last year’s campaign. M-Brain’s media analysis has enabled us to evaluate our successes and replicate them.”


Lots of media visibility, too little time

Red Nose Day is pleased with their collaboration with M-Brain. “The media monitoring partner has been chosen on the basis of reliability and it being a pioneer in its field,” says the campaign team.

The team members think that the media monitoring tool is easy to use, and that M-Brain has provided sufficient training in both the use of M-Adaptive and the media analysis.

“The collaboration has been very smooth and it has been nice to work with the merry people at M-Brain. We have found that M-Brain sincerely wants to be involved in helping the children of the world.”

The only hardship born of media monitoring for Red Nose Day is the rush caused by the campaign in the fall, when there is not as much time left to study the scope of their media visibility as there could be.


Friday the 13th is a day of happiness

This year, the Red Nose Day campaign will start on October 29, 2020 with a concert broadcast live by Yle TV1, where the world’s children will be lent a hand to the tunes of peace and love. The campaign culminates, after various events and radio broadcasts, in the actual Red Nose Day. It is celebrated on Friday, 13 November 2020.

“The goal is to turn all the misfortune of Friday the 13th into happiness and make the dreams of children come true all night long with live TV. There are many ways to help and participate in Red Nose Day – with or without a nose! ”, the campaign team summarizes.


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