Our media monitoring service enables you to effectively monitor and measure your company’s media visibility and reputation development. We can track the impact of your communication activities on your media image, as well as follow the media publicity of your competitors, your customers and other stakeholders.

We monitor millions of sources

At M-Brain, we monitor online sources from around the globe in addition to social media and print media. The sources we follow include open digital content, digital newspapers and magazines as well as paywall content, weekend editions and many other forms of online media. Our services are highly customisable, so we can easily respond to the changing needs of your organisation. Our media monitoring enables you to follow the global market in 68 languages, delivering the same high-quality, uninterrupted news flow to any of your locations around the world.

Media monitoring provides intelligence on the following topics:

  • Media publicity
  • Competitors
  • Customers
  • Market development
  • Market disruptors
  • Regulatory development

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Using media analysis to plan future communication activities

To support your media monitoring, we also recommend our custom-tailored media analysis to help you better understand the results of your publicity monitoring. Media analysis helps you to see the overall picture and plan future communications. Check out our blog for ideas on how media analysis can best be used to support communication work.

DIY real-time monitoring

Our SaaS media and market intelligence software, M-Adaptive, enables you to independently monitor the social and editorial media publicity of your organization, your partners and competitors, or an interesting theme. You can monitor what your customers are saying about your products and business online, as well as what key industry influencers across social and editorial media are up to. M-Adaptive works around the clock, based on the search terms of your chosing.

Real-time insights support you in the reputation management of your organization, in building your corporate and brand image, as well as in tracking new innovations and trends to stay on top of all the latest developments. You can also use M-Adaptive to analyse the latest results and to share your findings with colleagues.

To provide you with important intelligence as quickly and conveniently as possible, you can create automated newsletters and e-mail alerts. These can include the latest topics concerning your organisation, or the alerts can be triggered based on changes in news volumes, share-of-voice or sentiment. Dashboards functionality is your analysis tool, giving you the option to analyse your data via a set of charts. You are also able to subscribe to RSS feeds which provide results depending on your choice of media channels, region and other variables.

M-Adaptive covers 68 languages, using optimised language detection. Our source coverage is global, ranging from domestic and international online editorial media to social media, including blogs, chat groups and channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, VKontakte and Sina Weibo. M-Brain manages its own source base, allowing for flexible feedback from users and suggestions for new sources to be added.

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M-Adaptive and its newsletters are optimised for mobile devices. You can use the software either on a browser or through the mobile app. With the M-Brain mobile app, you can search and read content from M-Adaptive and distribute key news to your desired recipients. The application is free for M-Adaptive customers and available for both Android and iOS devices. The mobile app can be found in app stores under the name “M-Brain”. You can also download the app by clicking on the app store link below: