How to Avoid the Problem of Fake Business News?

By Marjukka Nyberg, Founder of M-Brain

fake news

By now, fake news is a term we are all familiar with. Fake news, junk news, pseudo-news and related terms are all used to describe the same thing: news consisting of deliberate misinformation spread via traditional or other online media. Digital communication and the rise of social media has increased the amount of fake news and made it easier to produce. Fake business news often first appear in social media, but it quickly finds its way to the mainstream media as well.

Fake news is written and published usually with the intent to mislead the reader to damage someone, a person or an organization, or gain financially or politically, using sensationalist headlines to increase readership. Accordingly, these stories and headlines help earn advertising revenue. Publishing a story with false content that attracts users, benefits advertisers, and improves ratings. 

The relevance of fake news is an increasing problem for people using media monitoring services and striving to make decisions based on changes in the environment. Fake news undermines serious media coverage and makes it more difficult for the audience to judge the relevance of business news. 

Find Reliable Business News From Trusted Sources

Finding business news that you can trust is especially important in today’s changing economic climate. Predicting market shifts and changes is already hard, but it becomes near impossible if your sources are not reliable.

So where to find this trustworthy information? Finding reliable business news by yourself takes time and effort. One way of solving the problem is to use a monitoring and information service that offers a wide variety of articles, comments, and discussions from various sources on each issue one’s interested in. If you receive a 360 degree, versatile view on events, based on both editorial and social media, content from institutional sources, official websites, research institutions, and influential commentators, the probability of getting closer to the ‘truth’ increases.

mPulse is service that allows you to do just this. It’s the one and the only tool you need to get reliable business news and content to keep on top of everything you need to know.

But rather than just believing us, you can see for yourself by starting your free trial now. 

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