Improve your business with mPulse, a business intelligence service that keeps you on top of everything you need to know.

Keeps on top of everything
you need to know

Filters information and
data on a global scale

Brings relevant external
data for decision making

Navigate in the expanding
business environment

Helps planning success
stories for the future

Improves your
professional competence

Business Intelligence for Driving Action

You need external information to make strategic plans and to develop your business further. Raw data is usually not enough. Instead, your business requires useful and curated information. More specifically, business intelligence that can support the decision-making process and drive your business to its goals. 

In order to manage and operate a business successfully, large amounts of information need to be collected, processed, and refined. The method of information acquisition must meet the company’s decision-making needs. The primary purpose of business intelligence information is to support smarter decision making so that your company goals will be realized.

Applicable business intelligence is more precious than gold and harder to find, as well. You don’t necessarily have time to gather this information from numerous sources. That is why you should have a useful tool that can do this collecting and refinement on your behalf.

This is why we created mPulse.

mPulse Provides Action-Generating Business Intelligence

mPulse is a business intelligence service that you can use both on your computer and your mobile device. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, mPulse learns from its users’ preferences and recommends more useful information for business intelligence purposes. 

With mPulse, you can save your time by keeping track in one place what is happening in your industry. You can even customize the service to fit your needs.

  • Follow six different themes: technology, environment, sustainability, marketing, customer and energy.
  • Get curated summaries of global industry news, insights and research from trusted sources collected by our media analysts as well as from influencers on social media.
  • You can filter hits by theme, pre-defined time range, customized date range and keyword.
  • You can personalize the service by saving your preferences. mPulse’s built-in AI-based recommendation engine learns from your preferences and reading habits to find more relevant topics that are particularly useful for you. 

mPulse is the one and the only tool you need to get useful business intelligence and keep on top of everything you need to know!



Watch mPulse in action

mPulse is an AI-powered business intelligence service which provides relevant content from top influencers and politicians on social media, company news from top companies and the latest events on topics and industries from around the world.

Other mPulse features

AI-powered mPulse is a business intelligence service that takes your business to the next level.

Business news

Reliable Business News

With mPulse, you can streamline your news updates and save time by following reliable industry news from trusted sources in one place. You can even customize the service to fit your needs.


Market Insight and Industry Monitoring

When monitoring markets and industries, it is critical to have a lot of useful information that be can used to formulate market insights about the factors that drive change. mPulse can help you with that.


Competitive intelligence

Competitive Intelligence for Forerunners

In order to be a forerunner of your industry, it is vital to have incisive competitive intelligence to sharpen your business strategies. mPulse gathers this information automatically and refines it on your behalf.


Market Intelligence

Fresh Market Intelligence and Trends

Keeping track of changes in your industry is essential when operating a business. mPulse offers you market intelligence that gives you perspective on current and upcoming situations, phenomenons and trends.


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