Why Root Business Intelligence Culture to Your Organisation?

By Stuart Reynish, Chief Product Officerat at M-Brain

business intelligence culture

Usually, business intelligence mining is appointed to business developers, account managers or sales. But there is also a lot of business wisdom to be found from other departments of your company, for example, customer service. People that solve customer’s everyday problems and challenges know precisely what customer needs are. This is why you should break these different silos and root business intelligence culture for your whole organisation. 

Leading by knowledge requires a lot of raw data that should be cultivated into useful and relevant information for business development purposes. This processing requires more than a few people and preferably also a suitable service that helps you to collect and sort helpful information. Only with relevant information, it is possible to make smart business decisions for the future.

What Are the Benefits of a Company-wide Business Intelligence Culture?

  • Every employee of your company could be a pioneer and find more leads for new business opportunities
  • It engages employees to take part in the company’s business development
  • Employees discover in practice how their ideas and work contributes to the success of the company

How to Create Business Intelligence Culture in Your Company?

  • Create a program to reward the employees for the best hints that lead to deals or new ways to sell your product or service
  • Share lots of information about the company’s growth strategies and interests in new business areas
  • Courage the employees to share their ideas of new business for further development 

Want to Get More Business Intelligence for Your Team?

But how and where to get this information for business development purposes? Of course, from various sources, but you need a useful and time-saving service that can collect and refine this kind of information in one place.

This is where mPulse can help you. It supports all employees from top management to the analyst level to understand the most critical factors shaping your company’s future. So, invite colleagues and teams to the service so that they can also get more information and news about the industry to develop your business together.

mPulse is the one and the only tool you need to get business intelligence to keep on top of everything you need to know.

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