Nets delivers payments and digital services for thousands of merchants, hundreds of financial institutions and millions of consumers in 20 countries across Europe. Nets operates across the payment value chain from payment capture and authorization to processing and settlement.

Nets Head of Group Strategy and Transformation Nathan Lang says that customers are at the heart of everything the company does. This means that it is critical for everyone in Nets to understand how customers’ needs are evolving, what the competition is doing and changes in the local markets. It is therefore essential for Nets to have a partner who is able to bring the relevant intelligence to the right people in the company, from central planning teams all the way to the frontline. As a partner, Nets has chosen M-Brain to help with all aspects of external market intelligence. M-Brain provides Nets an Intelligence Plaza tool to store and disseminate intelligence as well as utilizes its hybrid approach in delivering relevant Intelligence on Nets’ customers, competitors and markets.

A Long Partnership

According to Mr Lang, Nets and M-Brain became partners several years ago. Since then, Nets has gone through a lot of change, and M-Brain has been right there with them. Nets has grown from a focus in the Nordic countries to a European level company. Mr Lang praises M-Brain for meeting the company’s evolving needs by providing intelligence in new markets. M-Brain has adapted its way of working with Nets from a centralized approach to one where everyone at Nets has access to customized news feeds and intelligence reports, Mr Lang says.

Rising to the Nets challenge

Nets values its cooperation with M-Brain. Mr Lang says that especially valuable has been M-Brain’s ability to rise to the challenge of the expanding scope of Nets across products and geography. M-Brain has also shown a willingness to support Nets in decentralizing and automating control over insight, Mr Lang notes. Nets utilizes M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza, a tool that allows users to set their own preferences while providing real-time insight into market dynamics affecting the company’s day-to-day decisions.

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