What is the truth about plastic?

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In M-Brain's Plastics Review, we study and analyze what the public has to say about plastic, how governments and global bodies respond to the threats and opportunities created by plastic as well as the reaction of organizations.

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What are the different positions and perspectives we should consider when talking about plastic and its future?

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A new perspective on plastic

A single report covering all the different views on plastic would make for an exhausting read. That's why the first edition of our Plastics Review focuses on the voice of consumers in Finland and around the globe - and how industry and governments react to this voice.

The Plastics Review explores these views in the context of four areas of plastic usage:

Under each headline we summarize consumers’ opinions, companies’ responsive actions and regulatory changes.

The Plastics Review will help you understand:

What consumers are talking about
How legislation evolves
How companies respond to consumer aspirations and changes in legislation
How technology is developing
What new product innovations and substitute solutions are emerging

Plastic packaging



Single-use plastics

Is there a future for plastic?

How it all began

Mass production of plastic started in the 1950s and based on some estimates, currently nearly 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year.

And there’s a reason for its popularity: compared to other fossil raw materials, plastic has superior features in terms of durability, malleability and price. 

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about environmental issues, and discussion around the topic is growing across different channels. Pressure from citizens and the social media can also be seen in the actions taken by the public sector and organizations.

In January 2018, the European Commission introduced a European strategy on plastics to protect the planet, defend its citizens and empower its industries. In response, organizations are coming up with new initiatives to respond to mounting pressure from governments and consumers.

As a global market information provider, M-Brain harvests billions of sources every day. In 2017, we identified plastic as a major media issue and started monitoring the topic closely and consistently.

We realized that this information would be essential to many, since nearly every organization in the world is somehow touched by the existence of plastic. And as it happens, there has never been as much information on plastic available as there is today.

The future is not guaranteed

From this day on

A quick word from the authors

External experts will contribute to each issue of the Plastics Review and offer their opinions and insights on the topic. The first edition features a discussion on plastic in the past and in social media by Professor and futurist Mika Pantzar, as well as insights into plastic waste by packaging industry expert, Managing Director of Finnish Packaging Association, Antro Säilä.

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