Press Release, October 8, 2020

Intelligence Plaza 10 is the future for competitive and market intelligence

M-Brain is proud to announce the re-launch of its flagship product as Intelligence Plaza 10. M-Brain’s Intelligence Plaza 10 solution gathers internal and external information from various sources into one central place. Competitive intelligence insights can then be distributed to the audience in a customized way and internal collaboration improved via knowledge sharing.

The main improvements are a significantly improved modern user interface, as well as a responsive mobile UI for seamless consumption of content via desktop or any mobile device. Usability has been greatly enhanced to ensure that you can find, read, and process the most important insights that affect your business.

Intelligence Plaza 10 helps you in your competitive intelligence process by allowing you to create dashboards, insert feeds, and add new content, manage alerts, share information with your organization and collaborate with colleagues via commenting and liking information of interest.

All companies regardless of size require competitive intelligence in order to remain successful, especially in these challenging times. Intelligence Plaza 10 is not only for large enterprises: we have packages for small to mid-sized companies to utilize to get the benefits from a competitor and market intelligence platform. Can you afford not to be informed?

Intelligence Plaza 10 is of course only as good as the content that it contains. One of the key strengths and differentiating factors of M-Brain is to provide excellent, top-quality content. We will ensure that you get the latest, refined content on your industry, market, competitors, and other areas of interest in Intelligence Plaza. In addition, you can get media (including social media) feeds directly to Intelligence Plaza.

One of the key developments coming up in the new Intelligence Plaza 10 is to seamlessly integrate our media sources into the system, as well as to provide a true AI-based auto-summarization feature.

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