Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) officially renamed M-Brain

M-Brain also rebrands expanded portfolio of services

Helsinki, Finland, April 14 2015 – Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) today officially announced a change in its operating name to M-Brain.

M-Brain acquired GIA in September 2014, with the aim to provide the most powerful suite of market monitoring, market intelligence and market advisory services through its 12 offices around the world. During the past few months, M-Brain has integrated the intelligence consultancy’s portfolio of market monitoring, intelligence best practices, advisory services and competitive intelligence software with its own social media and print monitoring offering.

M-Brain also announced that this combined service offering would be rebranded as:

1. M-Monitoring – Services that help international companies stay aware of developments in their media and competitive environment

2. M-Intelligence – Research and data that help companies understand what market developments mean for them

3. M-Advisory – Strategic advice to help companies decide on their optimal business strategies for success

“About 90 percent of the data used in decision making is internal and company specific, and provided in silos. We trust that by offering companies the ability to provide market insights along the entire value chain, our clients will be able to make better informed decisions. That’s why the M-Brain tagline is “˜Informed Leadership’. We help C-level decision makers capture business critical information on their competitors, customers, suppliers, regulatory environments, market trends and corporate reputation through one single business partner,” said Ms. Sirpa Ojala, CEO of M-Brain Group.

“Today, M-Brain comprises over 400 professionals that cover 100,000 news outlets in 71 languages in 236 regions as well as 3 million social media platforms, who deliver the combined intelligence via our user friendly solutions. Together with GIA’s 20-year track record of advising over 100 global companies in intelligence best practices, our suite of M-Monitoring, M-Intelligence and M-Advisory solutions is a powerful sales proposition to clients,” said Mrs. Marjukka Nyberg, founder of M-Brain Group.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, the M-Brain group has offices in Sao Paolo, Brazil; Toronto, Canada; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Paris, France; Essen, Germany; Shanghai, China; Singapore; Stockholm, Sweden; Reading, United Kingdom;
New York, United States; and St Petersburg, Russia.

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