Press Release, May 10, 2021

Global Intelligence Survey 2021 has been launched! 

M-Brain’s Global Intelligence Survey is the most comprehensive study on Competitive and Market Intelligence. Carried out biennially, it is designed to support all intelligence-based teams and practitioners, to back up their planning with accurate facts and statistics on emerging industry trends.

The Global Intelligence Survey is based on M-Brain’s Market Intelligence Framework, developed over the years by leading intelligence professionals. The survey has been carried out biennially since 2005 and its results have given insights on how companies, in all industries, geographies and sizes are conducting market intelligence.

Your insight is needed

Whether you are an intelligence professional or utilize external market information in decision-making, your opinion matters. In recent years, all kinds of organizations have used the survey results to benchmark, set aspirational goals and develop roadmaps and implementation plans in order to better understand how Intelligence can help them increase profits and grasp opportunities, as well as tackle emerging risks in the business environment.

In a world ruled by uncertainty, turmoil and fear due to the pandemic and the related fragile economy, understanding the market, customers and competitors is more important than ever. The results of this 2021 survey will be great help for all of you when enhancing intelligence to a world class level, and by doing that creating a bigger sustainable competitive advantage for your company”, says Joost Drieman, M-Brain’s Vice President for Intelligence Best Practices.

The 2019 survey gave answers to the following questions, among others:

Where in the organization is intelligence managed from?

In 2019, most intelligence departments are only one layer away from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO or highest executive for their region or department). Overall, 52% of respondents have a short link to the CEO.

How are your intelligence activities set up?

More than 70% of companies have a dedicated team in place. One fifth of the respondents stated that they work as a network of intelligence contributors. On average, companies employ seven intelligence professionals as their primary job. The number has decreased slightly over the last years.

How large are Intelligence budgets?

In 2019, about 40% of respondents globally report a budget of up to EUR 200 000 (excluding HR costs), while the average annual budget for intelligence is EUR 540 000, with a mean of EUR 150 000. Most of the budget is spent on subscriptions to reports, with Consulting services at second place.

How are Intelligence professionals perceived inside an organization?

74 % of the respondents see intelligence professionals as either intelligence practitioners, delivering insights and foresights with conclusions, as consultants providing options and opinions, or as trusted advisors having a seat at the decision-making table. Compared to previous study the role of intelligence professionals has moved more towards a trusted advisor.

Win a free Benchmarking Survey project

The results of the survey will be published in the M-Brain Global Intelligence Survey 2021 White Paper at the end of the year. All respondents of the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the white paper plus have a chance to win a free customized company level Intelligence Development Benchmarking survey project for their organization free of charge.

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