Press release, June 24, 2020

Intelligence Plaza’s Visualizer tool updates dynamically and allows easy sharing

Intelligence Plaza’s newly launched Visualizer tool allows users to create dynamically updating graphs from news material. These visualizations can be easily shared to dashboards.

Visualizer tool helps in making sense of information overload: the fact that an enormous amount of data is being captured and available in different places. Visualizer collects the data in one place, allowing it to be analyzed further and visualized in a pleasant manner 

With Visualizer, users are able to create graphic presentations out of the volumes of news items and other documents that have been stored in Plaza. Different chart options are available for presenting the data in the most appropriate form. 

For instance, visualizing key trends, such as digitalization, urbanization or cloud infrastructure helps in benchmarking the volume of interest in these trends over time. Specific attention can be focused on those trends emerging the strongest in the current moment. The graphs update dynamically and they can be shared to dashboards. It is also possible to delve deeper into particular trends to locate the most important news and to find new insights. 

As another example, internal analysts can use Visualizer to search by keywords inside a topic. This can mean looking at whether it is the traditional companies or new disruptors that come up in the discussion on the latest health technology. The news on new disruptors may again lead to important insights on where the industry is heading. 

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