Press Release, December 4, 2019

M-Brain appoints new CEO

Information services provider M-Brain has appointed a new CEO. As of 04.12.2019 Mikael Makkonen, who has previously had the role of COO, will start as new CEO.

Mikael has worked for M-Brain since 2013 in various positions including overall responsibility for content production services in the group, heading the business in the Asia region and spearheading several strategically important initiatives. Mikael holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Before M-Brain he was responsible for digital content production in a subsidiary of the Sanoma Group as well as heading the technology development department.

“We are very pleased that Mikael, who has served M-Brain for a long time and is very familiar with the company, is keen to take on the role,” says Robert Ingman, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “He has been instrumental in developing our next generation product solutions, where the role of artificial intelligence, along with human input, is becoming an increasingly important part of our customer interface and our service.”

“M-Brain is a company that combines the expertise of experts with technological capabilities in a unique way. We bring significant value and insight to our clients’ business decisions by leveraging these strengths. The same competences and skills enable the services to be further developed through a hybrid model and thus increase the customer value. I am glad that I can implement this development together with the M-Brain’s team” says Mikael Makkonen.

Christian Cedercreutz, who has been CEO for the company is moving on to new challenges.

“We want to thank Christian for the significant work he has done during this time of breakthrough, when our company is cutting back on the so-called traditional media monitoring and investing in deeper decision supporting market intelligence in all of our operating countries. In the future, our customer promise is a 360-degree view of timely relevant content covering the whole web, including media, SoMe, and influencer information we provide through the latest artificial intelligence-based tools and services.”

“It has been really interesting to lead M-Brain during this transformation period and I am happily giving over the leadership responsibility to Mikael. I wish him and the M-Brain team all the best of luck and success” says Christian Cedercreutz.

M-Brain is a global information services company. Our services consist of monitoring, analysis, consulting and technology solutions. We offer our clients relevant external business insight and advise in its efficient management and utilization. Our solutions and services are tailored to serve varying business needs regardless of function, industry type or language barriers. Our services are based on a unique combination of our own proprietary big data technology and human intelligence. We have offices in over 10 countries.

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